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  • Step 3 : Mount fixtures to cabinet

    Mount the fixture at the marked holes using the two wood screws provided. Install wire retainers to the underside of cabinet to hold the interconnect cord in position. Do not allow any cord to hang in an unsafe manner. Replace the diffuser lens.

  • Step 4 : Install plug

    Install the plug

    Locate the nearest electrical outlet (it may be inside your cabinet), and layout the desired path of the power cord towards the outlet. Cut the cord to length. Then make a cut in the insulation between the two wires 1/8-inch up from each end like you did when wiring up the fixtures.

    Install the plug

    Slide the cover off of the crimp-on power plug. Push the cord down into the cavity and bend it 90 degrees pressing the cord down into the channel. Make sure the ribbed side of the SPT-2 cord pierces the silver plated contact in the Power Link connector (A).

    Plug the fixture into the power outlet, and turn on the lights with the rocker switch located in the center of the fixture.

    Illustrations courtesy of Westek

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