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  • Step 2 : Remove the old fixture

    Remove the old fixture

    Remove the existing light fixture by first taking off the glass globe or cover and unscrewing the light bulbs. Disconnect the fixture by unscrewing it from the electrical box in the ceiling. This involves twisting off the wire connectors -- yellow plastic caps that have been screwed onto the ends of the wires. Unscrew them to expose the wires. Then carefully remove the fixture's ceiling plate by pulling it away from the ceiling, making sure the wires clear the holes. There will be an unattractive hole in the ceiling with wires hanging out. Don't worry if the ceiling is discolored or painted a different color. More than likely, the new ceiling plate will conceal it. If it doesn't, paint the ceiling before installing the fan.

  • Step 3 : Install the fan brace

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to install the fan brace kit. It is designed to be installed through the ceiling hole left by the old ceiling fixture box. A keyhole saw may be necessary to enlarge the hole, if the old one is too small. To install the fan brace, collapse it by either loosening the clamps holding the two bar sections together. Or, if it's the screw type, turn one half of the brace clockwise to shorten it.

    Then pass the brace through the hole and turn it 90 degrees so the ends bite into the ceiling joists. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to secure the support brace and then attach the ceiling box provided in the kit.

  • Step 4 : Connect the fixture

    Connect the fixture

    Follow the specific installation instructions that come with the fan. Basically, here's what to expect: To the ceiling box, attach the mounting bracket that comes with the fan, using the hardware provided. Thread the electrical wires through its center and hang the motor assembly from the mounting bracket. Some assemblies are held in place by screws. Others hang from a hook.

    For wiring specifics, refer to the wiring diagram in the directions. In general, connect the green to green (ground wire); white to white (neutral); and black to black and red or light blue to black, if the fan has a light. Tuck the wires up into the electrical box. It helps to have an assistant when you're lifting the canopy and motor so you can concentrate on working with wires while someone else supports it.

  • Step 5 : Adjust the blades

    Adjust the blades Install the fan blades by sliding each one into its slot and secure it with rubber bushings and screws. Rotate them by hand and when they turn freely and you're sure there is nothing obstructing them, turn on the power.

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