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  • Step 3 : Make a cut out for the switch box

    Make a cut out for the switch box

    If you decide to operate the fan from a switch, mark its location on the wall. Use a drywall saw to accurately cut out a rectangular hole to mount the electrical box. Use a cut-in box that has a clamping device to hold itself to the drywall unlike a standard box which is nailed or screwed to the wall framing before the drywall is installed.

  • Step 4 : Cut the fan opening

    Cut the fan opening Cut the fan opening

    The fan fits between the wall studs so use a stud finder to find them and mark the fan's location on the wall. The best location for the fan is on the wall high enough so that it pulls off the steam that collects near the ceiling, but not so close to the ceiling that you won't be able to mount its interior grille. Cut the opening for the inside portion of the fan following the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Step 5 : Make the outside wall cut

    Make the outside wall cut

    Remove the drywall and insulation behind it and drill four 1/4-inch diameter holes through the wall sheathing and siding to mark the location of the exterior hole. Mark the hole on the siding, and cut the hole in the siding and sheathing using a saber saw or reciprocating saw.

  • Step 6 : Pull wire to the switch box location and to the hole for the fan

    Use whatever means necessary to pull wire with a fish tape or pushing the cable itself and run the wire through wall and ceiling cavities to the hole for the new switch box and to the fan hole.

  • Step 7 : Install the exterior fan housing

    Install the exterior fan housing

    Mount the outside portion of the fan to the siding and caulk it in place. Check that the louver works freely. The louver flap should move up and down easily so the output of the fan will push it open and the flap will drop closed as soon as the fan is turned off.

  • Step 8 : Install the fan motor assembly

    The fan motor assembly consists of a sleeve and an outlet box. Run the cable into the outlet box and cut the cable to length. Strip the cable to expose the conductors and connect the cable to the wires in the receptacle box. Connect the black wires together and then the white wires with twist-on wire connectors. Connect the bare or green ground wire to the grounding lug on the fan housing. The fan/motor assembly plugs into the receptacle in the fan housing so the fan/motor assembly can be unplugged and replaced when the motor is worn out.

  • Step 9 : Install the switch

    Install the switch

    Use a screwdriver and a hammer to remove the knock out sections on the cut-in box. Insert a cable clamp into the box and tighten it in place. Then thread the cable through the fitting and push the electrical box into the wall. Tighten the clamp screws inside to spread a set of brackets that secures the box in place. Cut and strip the wire and connect the switch to it. Push the switch into the box and screw it in place. Turn the power back on and test the switch and fan before installing the switch cover plate and fan grille.

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