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  • Step 4 : Install the flexible duct

    Cut the duct to length so it doesn't sag. Then slide the duct on the collar and secure it by inserting plastic pins through the vinyl in between the reinforced wires. Repeat the process at the humidifier side.

  • Step 5 : Install the automatic water valve

    Install the automatic water valve

    Remove the knock-out to open the hole where the valve is installed in a vertical position and fasten it with the hardware provided. Then install the float behind the valve lever, float arm and housing and partially tighten with screws.

    Slide the water pan into the humidifier between the plastic rails at the rear of the unit. Open the sides of the humidifier and insert the side tabs in the holes in the sides. Then push the front of the water pan down to snap the tabs in the sides of the unit.

  • Step 6 : Connect the water supply to the unit

    Use sandpaper to rough up both ends of the plastic tubing. Then keeping the tubing away from the hot surfaces of the furnace, slip the plastic compression nut over the tubing and rubber sleeve and fit the brass inserts into the end of the tubing. Push the tubing into the automatic valve, tighten the compression nut by hand, and then with a small wrench.

  • Step 7 : Install the supply valve on a copper pipe

    Install the supply valve on a copper pipe

    Shut off the main water valve before tapping into the nearest copper cold water pipe to connect it to the supply valve. Use the brass valve and hardware included and complete the assembly. Make sure the sides of the top and bottom clamps are assembled and the rubber gasket is placed over the piercing needle. Tighten the screws so the valve is firmly attached to the copper pipe. Then turn the valve handle completely clockwise until it stops to pierce the copper pipe and close the valve.

    Slip one brass compression nut onto the plastic tubing, then the nylon sleeve, and fit the second insert into the end of the tubing. Push the tubing fully into the supply valve and tighten the nut with a small wrench.

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