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  • Step 5 : Wash away mildew

    Spot wash mildew with solution of bleach and water with a rag. A brown, gray, or black stain on siding or trim may simply be grime, or it may be mildew. To test whether a stain is grime or mildew, try washing the stain away with water and a detergent such as Spic 'n Span. If the stain does not wash away with water and detergent, it's probably mildew.

    Because mildew is a fungus growth, it thrives on moisture and heat. Mildew will reappear in no time if it's not killed and removed. Use a homemade bleach-detergent solution (2 oz. Tri-Sodium Phosphate detergent or phosphate-free substitute, plus 1-qt. fresh liquid household bleach in 3-qt. of water) or a commercial housewash that contains mildewcide. Handle bleach and mildewcide solutions with care. Read label warnings. Always wear protective clothing, especially neoprene gloves and goggles.

    Apply the solution to the area with a garden sprayer and allow it to work for 15-20 minutes or as directed on the label before you rinse and/or scrub it off. Hose it off before it dries, and repeat the process as needed until all the stains are gone.

  • Step 6 : Connect garden hose to washer pump

    Connect garden hose to washer pump

    Follow the directions of the unit to connect the garden hose to the washer pump.

  • Step 7 : Prepare power washer with detergent

    Prepare power washer with detergent

    Most power washers have some means of applying detergent. Some have a tank, others have a suction hose that is placed in a bucket or container set next to the unit. In either case fill the water reservoir with the amount and type of detergent that's suggested by the manufacturer.

  • Step 8 : Apply detergent and water at low pressure

    Apply detergent and water at low pressure

    Apply the detergent mixture at low pressure using the wand to spray the detergent and water to the siding. Allow the mixture to sit on the siding for a few minutes to allow the detergent to loosen the dirt and grime. Then, using the high pressure setting, blast the dirt off the siding. If you are on a ladder, keep one hand on the ladder and be prepared for the considerable kick that occurs when the trigger is pulled or released.

  • Step 9 : Rinse with water

    Make a second pass with high pressure to rinse the surface with clear water working from the top down holding the gun about 10 inches from siding and spray at downward angle.

  • Step 10 : Remove protection from plants and coverups

    Remove drop cloths from plants and shrubbery. And remove all the coverings from the electrical outlets and anything else that was covered. Shake the drop cloths to collect paint chips and dispose of them. Then water the plantings with a garden hose.

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