How to Replace a Patio Door Screen - Page 2

  • Step 5 : Install the new spline

    Install the new spline

    Use a screen spine tool to install the new spine around the frame securing the spline with the tool. The tool looks like a pizza or pastry cutter with a convex roller on one end and a concave roller on the opposite end. Use the convex end to press the screen into the groove of the frame. Use the concave end to press the spline into the groove. It helps to have someone hold the frame to keep the fabric taunt as you work your way around the frame.

  • Step 6 : Remove the excess fabric

    Remove the excess fabric

    Cut away the excess screening fabric with a utility or razor knife. Place the tip of the knife between the spline and the outside edge of the spline groove and pull the knife slowly along the groove around the perimeter of the screen.

  • Step 7 : Clean the door threshold

    Clean  the door threshold

    Before reinstalling the screen door, remove all dirt and debris and spray silicone in the track so the frame will slide easily.

  • Step 8 : Reinstall the screen

    Reinstall the screen

    Replace the screen panel in the frame of the door carefully.

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