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  • Step 3 : Assemble the mount

    Follow the manufacturer's direction to assemble the support arms and stand and secure them to the ceiling joist or wall stud. Use a rubber mallet to tap the end caps onto the support arm, if necessary.

  • Step 4 : Position the TV

     Find the wall framing

    Have a helper hold the television set while you make final adjustments to the mount before setting the TV on it and securing it with the belt or strap that holds it in place.

  • Step 5 : Make the power connection

    Make the power connection

    If there's no electric outlet nearby, hire an electrician to run a new line to service the new TV mount.

    If there is an outlet nearby, you can install a surface-mount electrical channel, often called a raceway, which conceals the wiring and runs to the outlet. The raceway is a protective casing usually installed from a fixture down a wall and then along the base molding. The installation involves measuring and cutting the wire channels, then screwing the channel to the wall with plastic anchors and wiring the power cord from the television to the outlet. A system of trim plates conceals the wiring and connector pieces and makes it possible to run wires around corners.

    You'll find information about surface wiring at the electrical department of a hardware store or home center. Carefully read the brochure and information about the components and how to install them.

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