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  • Step 4 : Install a second row of block

    Install a second row of block

    As you install the blocks on a mortar bed use the level to assure the wall is straight and level. Tie the glass block to the shower wall with metal panel anchors placed on every other row of block. Apply mortar to the block, then place the anchors on the glass block and secure the anchor to the wall stud with several screws. If there is no wall stud behind the anchor use wall anchors.

  • Step 5 : Use strips to hold blocks together

    Use strips to hold blocks together

    Install metal horizontal reinforcing strips on top of the blocks to hold the blocks together. Cut the inner edge of the metal reinforcing strips so they can be bent to follow the curve of the wall.

  • Step 6 : Seal the glass block to the wall

    After laying the final course, and before the mortar stiffens up, check the walls to make sure they're vertical. Then after the mortar has fully cured, fill the joint between the wall and the glass block with clear silicone sealant. Wear a rubber glove and wipe the silicone with your finger dipped in mineral spirits to smooth it for a finished professional look.

    Illlustrations courtesy of Pittsburgh Corning

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