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  • Step 4 : Prepare to epoxy the vanity top and sink

    Lift the sink off of the vanity top and set it down within easy reach of the vanity top. This is important because there's not much time to position the sink once the epoxy is poured.

  • Step 5 : Mix and apply epoxy

    Mix and apply epoxy

    Follow directions on the epoxy packet for mixing. Remove the plastic divider from the epoxy packet and knead both sides of the packet together either by hand or by sliding the packet up and down along the edge of the vanity top to mix it thoroughly. Continue kneading the epoxy packet against the vanity top edge until it begins to feel warm to the touch - it takes about 3 minutes. When the epoxy feels warm, immediately cut off one corner of the packet with scissors and squeeze contents quickly and evenly onto the vanity top around the inside of the line your drew. Work quickly once the epoxy begins to warm up. It will continue to heat up and will harden quickly. When finished, place the used epoxy packet in a metal can or on a non-flammable surface.

    WARNING: Epoxy will continue to heat up throughout the rest of the process. If it gets too hot to handle, immediately discard in a coffe can or other metal receptacle.
  • Step 6 : Work quickly to place the sink on the vanity top

    Work quickly to place the sink

    Immediately place the sink back on the sink top where your outline is, again being sure to place the back of the sink towards the faucet holes and lining up the front and back lines exactly. This epoxy dries very fast, so place the sink in the circle carefully, but quickly. Move the sink back and forth for about 5 seconds and be sure it is within the layout circle and to ensure the epoxy is spread around as much as possible between the top and sink.

  • Step 7 : Allow for drying time

    Let it dry for 45-60 minutes. Test to see if the sink is properly adhered to the vanity top by carefully lifting up the sink a few inches by the bottom drain hole. If the vanity top lifts with the sink, you are ready to continue installing the vanity top to the cabinet.

  • Step 8 : Install the top on the vanity

    Install the top on the vanity

    Run a bead of silicone caulk around the top edge of the vanity.

    Caulk edge of vanity Then carefully lower the top in place and center it over the vanity base. Clean up excess caulk with a damp rag.

  • Step 9 : Apply a stone sealer and install the faucet

    Clean the surface of the stone countertop and sink thoroughly, let it dry and then apply a stone sealer. Then install the faucet according to the manufacturer's directions.

    Illustrations courtesy of Romala Stone

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