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  • Step 2 : Decide how to fasten shade brackets to surfaces

    When you can't locate wall studs behind drywall or plaster walls, use plastic anchors or toggle bolts to fasten the brackets to the wall. For a wooden window frame, use #8 screws.

  • Step 3 : Install the brackets

    Position the shade headrail and mark the bracket location 2 inches in from each end of the headrail. Use the level to make sure the brackets are mounted level so the shade hangs straight. Predrill pilot holes in the wall or window frame for the fastener and then screw the brackets into them.

    Install the brackets

    Sometimes a bracket spacer is needed behind a bracket to add additional clearance for an outside mounted shade. A projection bracket may be needed if there's more than 5/8 inch clearance between the back of the headrail and mounting surface. If needed, install them with the screw and nut provided.

  • Step 4 : Install the shade on the brackets

     Install the shade on the brackets

    Position the shade on the brackets so the tongue of the bracket aligns with the groove in the headrail. Push the rail on to the bracket tapping the headrail to insert the tongue in the groove. Tighten the brace screw under the bracket with a Phillips screwdriver and make sure the shade fabric is not caught between the headrail and bracket brace.

  • Step 5 : Adjust the shade

    Adjust the shade

    Release the stop ball by pushing up on it while holding the pull cord. Lower the shade until the bottom hem is at the desired length. Engage the cordlock. Mark all cords where they exit the headrail. Then grasp all cords at the marked position and raise the shade half way up. Engage the cordlock. Pull individual cords lightly and position the bottom of the adjustment stop ball at the cord marks. Lock the adjustable stop ball in place by turning it so the orientation rib is to the right of the cords. Tilt the adjustable stop ball counter clockwise while pushing it in a downward direction on the cords.

    Safety Note: Any shade or blind cord can be a strangulation hazard for children. Keep cords out of the reach of children. Move cribs and furniture away from cords. Remove objects below window. Be mindful that loops will appear when a shade is in the raised position. Do not tie cords together. Install a cord tension pulley or cord cleat.

    Illustrations courtesy of Levolor

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