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  • Step 3 : Cut the film

    Unroll the film on a clean, flat surface near the window. Use a ruler as a guide and cut the film 1-inch larger than the dimensions of the window to be sure that the film will fit. Or, if you choose, pretrim the film to the final dimensions of each window.

  • Step 4 : Wet the window thoroughly

    Spray the solution onto the inside surface of the window until beads of the soapy water run down the glass. If the window becomes dry, rewet it completely before applying film.

  • Step 5 : Remove the clear backing liner from the film

    Remove the clear backing liner from the film

    Usually the liner is on the outside surface of the film roll. Remove the liner by attaching two pieces of transparent tape to the front and back surfaces of a corner of the film so that about 1-inch of tape is on the film, the rest centered and hanging over the pointed corner of the film. Press the two pieces of tape firmly together, then quickly pull them apart to begin separating the clear liner away from the adhesive side of the film.

    As you carefully peel the liner away, generously spray the soapy solution onto the exposed adhesive. This spray helps break any static cling, reduces contamination, and makes the liner separation easier.

    For small windows remove the liner diagonally, from one corner toward the opposing corner. Try to keep the film from touching itself.

    For large windows and patio doors it takes two people. Your helper faces the window and holds the film perpendicular to the floor. You face the liner side of the film, separate the corner of the liner, slide your finger along the top edge of the film to fully separate the liner, then peel the liner down toward the floor in a smooth, even motion. After removing the liner completely, thoroughly spray the glass, then the adhesive side of the film.

  • Step 6 : Place the film on the wet window

    Place the film on the wet window

    Completely remove the clear liner from the back of the film and thoroughly wet the exposed, dry adhesive surface. Be sure the window is dripping wet: too much solution is better than not enough. Apply the adhesive side of the film to the wet glass. Start at the top of the window, then allow the film to gently lay down onto the glass. Handle the film carefully at the corners to avoid wrinkles or creases, which cannot be removed. Use your hands to smooth the film onto the glass. You can slide the film around and position it correctly while the window and film are thoroughly wet.

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