How to Install a Cordless Blind

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Tools Required
  • Phillips screwdriver or
    1/4-in. hex driver
  • Hand or electric drill
  • Measuring tape
Materials Required
  • Cordless blind
  • Pencil
  • Fasteners

Before You Begin

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To install a cordless blind first read the directions that came packaged with it. Look at all the hardware and components of the blind to become familiar with where they go and what they do.

Choose the fastener according to the material of the window frame. For wood or aluminum frames, use sheet metal screws or # 8 screws.


For drywall use plastic inserts and for plaster use Molley or toggle bolts. Read the directions and use the fastener suggested by the manufacturer.

Some blind manufacturers offer a standard mounting bracket for inside surfaces greater than 1 3/8-inches and a universal mounting bracket for inside mounting on narrow surfaces from 1/2-inch to 1 3/8-inch. Most brackets come with a paper template that you use to position the bracket. It provides the hole locations for the fastener.

The instructions below are for installing a cordless blind inside the window frame with standard brackets.

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  • Step 1 : Use the template to install brackets

    Use the template to install brackets

    Decide where to attach the bracket by using it as a template. Fold the template along the scored line and position on the window jamb. Mark the position of the mounting screws on the jamb. Then drill one or two pilot holes.

    Use the template to install brackets

    Attach the bracket so the bracket is about 1 1/6-inch from the edge of the window frame to assure that the headrail will align flush with the window pocket. When the bracket in place install the remaining screws.

  • Step 2 : Use more brackets if necessary

    Depending on the length of the headrail more brackets may be required when installing a cordless blind. Follow the manufacturer's suggested spacing requirements for brackets.

  • Step 3 : Install the headrail

    Install the headrail

    Place the front lip of the headrail over the barb on the bracket tongue and push the headrail back so the tongue slides back into the bracket.

    Rotate the rear of the headrail up until the lip clears the hook at the back of the bracket. Guide the headrail forward and then down so that both lips are resting over both hooks on the bracket.

  • Step 4 : Attach the tilt wand

    Attach the tilt wand

    Snap the end of the tilt wand onto the small metal loop extending from the head rail.

  • Step 5 : Install hold down brackets

    Install hold down brackets

    Install the hold down brackets at each end of the rail. To conceal use the end caps with a hole in it for the hold down pin. Pop the rounded end of the hold down pin into the end of the bottom rail.

    Illustrations courtesy of Levolor