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  • Step 3 : Install wall clips

    Install wall clips

    Lay each shelf flat against the wall with the back edge against the pencil line. Use your pencil to mark the location of the wall clips every 10-12 inches, making sure that the clips are all centered between two wires. Typically it's not necessary to anchor them to the wall studs. But don't skimp on wall clips and in cases where you expect heavier than usual loading, anchor at least one or two clips in a stud. Drill 3/16-inch pilot holes (check the manufacturer's instructions) at each location and erase your pencil marks. If you've hit wood as you drill through the drywall, stop drilling and attach a standard clip with a 2-inch wood screw. If the wall you're drilling into is an abrasive material such as concrete or plaster, use a masonry bit so you don't dull your drill bit. Press a hollow-wall anchor into the hole and secure it with the screws provided.

  • Step 4 : Install end brackets

    Install end brackets

    If the shelf extends to an end wall, hang the back rail of the shelf on the wall clips. Slip an end bracket over the front rod of the shelf and raise it until the shelf is level. Hold it in place as you mark the mounting hole on the wall. Lower the shelf and drill pilot holes through the layout marks, then install hollow wall anchors. Raise the front edge of the shelf above the location of the wall bracket and have a helper hold it in place. If you are working on this project yourself, remove the shelf from the wall. Install the end bracket(s) with screws and anchors or directly into the studs. Lower the shelf into the end bracket.

  • Step 5 : Install down clips and support brackets

     Install down clips and support brackets

    If the end of a shelf is not supported in an end bracket, you must install a down clip (an upside-down wall clip), preferably at a stud location and opposite each diagonal support bracket. It will prevent the rear of the shelf from lifting out of the wall clips when the shelf is loaded.

  • Step 6 : Install support brackets

    Install support brackets

    Use a wall bracket designed to support the ends of free-standing shelves. Attach the bracket to the front of the shelf, hold the shelf level, push the leg of the supporting bracket against the wall and mark the location of the supporting screw. Raise the shelf slightly and drill a pilot hole for the wall anchor. Insert the anchor into the wall. Lower the shelf until the bracket leg is aligned with the wall anchor. Then place a screw through the leg and screw it into the anchor.

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