How to Install Vertical Blinds

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Tools Required
  • Drill & bits
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Steel tape measure
  • Ladder
Materials Required
  • Vertical blind

Before You Begin

Here are the directions to complete the installation. Don't want to do the job? Click Home Advisor and find qualified contractors in your area.

  • Step 1 : Measure the width and height for brackets

    Measure the width and height for brackets

    Measure the opening width of the patio door using a steel measuring tape. If there is room on the wall, add at least 4-inches on each side of the door opening to ensure a minimum light gap around the blinds. Then measure the opening height from the top to the floor adding a minimum of 2 1/2-inches to the height so the mounting brackets can be placed above the door. Make a pencil mark at these locations on the wall where you'll position the brackets. Most vertical blinds have mounting hardware for installing them on either woodwork (wood screws) or walls (plastic hollow wall anchors). Use the plastic hollow wall anchors to install the hanging brackets on the walls.

  • Step 2 : Install the mounting hardware on the wall

    Install the hardware as called for in the manufacturer's instructions. If you are attaching the hardware to window or door casing, drill a pilot hole for the wood screw to prevent the casing from splitting. Drill a slightly oversize hole in the drywall or plaster for the hollow wall fasteners or toggle bolts.

  • Step 3 : Install the head rail

    Install the head rail Install the head rail

    Each manufacturer has their own method of attaching the head rail to the wall brackets. Some systems snap in place, others hang from brackets, both methods are easy to do.

  • Step 4 : Attach the vanes to the head rail

    Then pull the traverse cord so the vane holders (small studs protruding from the head rail) spread out evenly across the head rail. Lay the vanes down on the floor so the seams and curves face the same direction. Then pick up and hold the vane near the top and gently push it up into the vane holder so it's locked in place. Do this one at a time until they're all attached. Some vanes are designed with a small weight or chain installed in their bottom. If that's the case you may have to thread the small bead-like chain through the vanes once they're hanging in place.

    Illlustrations courtesy of Levolor Home Fashions®