• The home page is the gateway into the DIY Database and features a new project every week. At the bottom of this Orange area is a link to the Project Cost page.

  • The blue crawler across the top of all pages is a ticker tape of links to projects with currently updated cost information.


  • On the right side of many pages a box of Job Cost Popular Searches contains recent requests for cost information about projects.


  • The Home Page and Job Cost pages feature DIY and Pro Hours and Money estimates. Depending on the device you are using the table looks like this.




    If you haven't entered a ZIP Code the National Cost is displayed. There's a link to adjust the National Cost to your area. After that the name of the city is displayed in the table along with the adjusted cost data.

    In the DIY Database there's cost data information for over 1000 cities by ZIP Code. If the system doesn't find a matching ZIP Code near yours, try entering a ZIP Code for a town near you. You can change back to the national cost at any time by choosing that option.

  • Buttons On many Project Cost pages in the left column are links that appear when there are additional DIY Step-by-Step instructions and Hire A Pro Advice. In addition to these links you will always find links to DIY Home Hints & Tips.

  • At the lower portion of the Project Cost pages a user poll asks if you would do this project yourself or hire a pro. The results of the poll is shown in the menu roll outs. Poll

  • In the gray box below the Poll a scrollable list of additional project Costs in the same category. An additional Button See All Projects below the pictures appears on most pages throughtout the site.

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    At the bottom of each page are links to format the page for print and email it to a friend.

  • Global site navigation is provided a the top of each page and in the right column.