Hire a Pro Advice: Replace a Bathroom Vanity

Here are suggestions to get help finding a carpenter or contractor to install a bathroom vanity.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

A carpenter has the skills and tools to install a bathroom vanity and many are on the staff of a general contractor, or work as an independent contractor.

If you buy a bathroom vanity at a home or kitchen/bath center you'll often find an "Installed Price" tag on the vanity which is for the cost of installation. This is a service offered by the retailer who is responsible for hiring and managing the installation of the bathroom vanity which is another good choice. Another option is to find a contractor by going online and use a contractor referral service or type "install bathroom vanity (in your city)" in a seach engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo. They advertise in local newspapers, the Yellow Pages under the listing "Contractors-General" and often you'll find a business card offering carpentry work in hardware stores, lumberyards and home centers.