Hire a Pro Advice: Build a Trellis Yard Divider

Get help finding a fence builder or landscape contractor to build a trellis yard divider. And get advice about what should be included in a contract between a homeowner and landscape contractor.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

First, look for a fence company, usually listed under "Fence" in the Yellow Pages. If this project is too small for them, look for a "Landscape Contractors" who does a variety of outdoor work. An online contractor referral service is another way to find someone to build a divider. If you have other yard construction or landscaping work required, it's a good idea to get an estimate for all of the work at one time. Contractors are most likely to respond when there's more than a small job like this project so they can maximize the time and expense of traveling to and from the job.

A contract with a landscaper contractor to build a trellis yard divider should include:

  • a concise explanation of the work to be completed including the the type and size of material used
  • how the divider will be constructed, depth of foundation, its length and height
  • the names of planting materials, if any, (including size and appearance) to be used
  • any warranty for the replacement of materials that die after planting
  • additional fees for equipment rental, hauling service etc.
  • total charge that includes the labor and materials
  • payment schedule
  • beginning and completion date for the work