Hire a Pro Advice: Install an Invisible Dog Fence

Get help finding a professional to install an invisible fence to keep your pet inside your property.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Locate an installer/dealer for an invisible fence online at a contractor referral service or type "invisible dog fence in (your town)" in a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo. In the Yellow Pages look under "Fences," described as underground, pet containment, Invisible (a trade name) or similar terms. Your veterinarian is another good source for a referral.

Look carefully at training services offered because they vary. Under one plan, the company might assume full responsibility and come back free of charge if there is a problem. In another, they may only provide initial training or simply demonstrate the training. Some companies offer a training video to help you coach your pet. Every situation is different. The location of the house, the size of the yard and the habits and needs of owners vary. Pets -- even those from the same litter -- may have very different temperaments and behavior and this needs to be factored into the system design and training procedure. Some systems, for example, have a programmable collar, which can be adjusted to give a smaller or greater correction (shock), according to the dog. If you are designing and installing a system yourself, don't hesitate to call a manufacturer's toll-free customer service number to discuss your needs before you purchase a system or to discuss your plan prior to installation.