Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Brick Patio

Get help finding a bricklayer or mason to lay a brick patio and advice about what should be in a written contract with a mason.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

To find a professional to lay a brick patio use the Internet by going to a search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google and type in the search box "brick patio installer in (your city)". Another source is the Yellow Pages listing for "Mason Contractors" or a landscape service, which is a company that does a variety of gardening installations and maintenance work listed in the Yellow Pages as "Landscape Contractors".

These contractors usually specify in their advertisements the scope of work they do, so look for those emphasizing "custom designs". While they may not have someone on their staff who lays brick, they will have access to a sub-contractor who does.

A contract with a mason or landscape contractor to lay a brick patio should include:

  • A concise explanation of the work to be completed including the size, color and type of brick used, the brick pattern, how the patio will be constructed and depth of foundation. If there is a pattern or special installation design required, a sketch of the pattern should be attached to the contract.
  • Additional fees for equipment rental, hauling service etc.
  • Total charge that includes the labor and materials
  • Payment schedule
  • Beginning and completion date for the work