Hire a Pro Advice: Lay a Brick Sidewalk

Get help finding a brick layer or mason to lay a brick sidewalk and advice about finding design possibilities for brick layout.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

If your want to hire out the job of laying a brick sidewalk and it does not involve other landscaping design or work, you're typically better off going directly to a mason or to a landscape contractor who regularly does walkways and other masonry work. Some mason's may not do walks and some landscaping contractors simply subcontract masons to do the work. If you are having other landscaping work done, however, you may get a better deal if the landscape contractor takes responsibility for the entire project.

In the Yellow Pages and at contractor online referral services look for "Mason Contractors" and "Landscape Contractors". Type "brick sidewalk in (your city)" in a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo and follow the prompt for a regional referral for the job.

Brick makes an architectural statement that can greatly enhance the entrance to your home or passage through a garden. Take time to familiarize yourself with the design possibilities. Visit masonry showrooms to look at suitable bricks and actual sample walks that demonstrate brick patterns. Ask landscape contractors to see their portfolios, which will illustrate interesting layouts and patterns. If you're stuck on the design, or your design issues are complex, seek a firm that offers design services in conjunction with the installation.