Hire a Pro Advice: Remove Paint

Get help locating a contractor or company who specializes in removing paint.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Not all painting contractors remove paint, so you may have to do some hunting to find one who does. Painters who do will include it in their advertisements. You'll also find some contractors who specialize in renovation and restoration will remove paint. In the Yellow Page listings under "Paint Removing" and "Furniture Refinishing" you'll find companies who dip-and-strip all kinds of painted wood. The advantage of the dip-and-strip approach is speed, and that translates to cost savings. The problem is that there's one very strong chemical for all applications and a window sash soaking in a vat of liquid can take a severe beating. If the window has wood joints or glued molding the chemical can loosen the glue. If a window is very expensive, it may not be worth the risk of dipping; if it is inexpensive it may not be worth the cost of hand stripping.