Hire a Pro Advice: Paint a Porch Deck

Find a painting contractor to paint a deck and learn what should be included in a contract between a contractor and homeowner.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Painting a porch deck is such a small painting job, it's a good one for a homeowner to do. But if you have other painting work and want to hire a painting contractor, here's what to consider. A friend or neighbor can be a good source for referral of a painter. You can use an online contractor referral service or type "painter in (your town)" in a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo. "Painting Contractors" are listed in the Yellow Pages and many paint dealers recommend paint contractors who are their regular customers. Make sure the contractor has a certificate of insurance and workers' compensation insurance, if he has employees. Generally, the contractor will come to your house for an assessment of its conditions, before quoting a price in a written proposal or contract.

Here are the basic points that should be included in a written contract with a painting contractor.

  • Description of the porch deck and its size and condition to be painted
  • Total cost
  • Payment schedule
  • Start and completion dates
  • Paint and primer brands with grade, colors, gloss and base; how they'll be applied; and the number of coats
  • Type of caulk to be used and the extent of caulking to be done
  • Specific preparation and repair work to be completed
  • Who is responsible for moving porch furniture, cleaning up and protecting surrounding shrubbery or walkways from paint splatters