Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Wall-Hung Sink

Find a plumber to install a wall-hung sink in a small bathroom and be surprised at how much bigger the room looks.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Installing a wall-hung sink can be done by any plumber or installation service offered by a home center or plumbing retailer where you buy the unit. If you have other plumbing projects wait until they're all ready for installation and make the most of the plumber's time.

Here are the basic points that should be included in a written contract with a plumber to install a wall-hung sink.

  • Description of the work to be completed with a detailed list of the materials to be used (brand name, style, color of fixtures, and other specifications, including exact materials)
  • Cost of material and all warranties from the manufacturer
  • Cost of labor and amount of deposit, if required
  • Job installation date