Hire a Pro Advice: Hang a Wallpaper Border

Learn where to find a paper hanger to add a wallpaper border in a room and get advice about positioning a border on a variety of places on a wall.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

To find a paper hanger to hang a wallpaper border ask a friend or neighbor for a referral or ask about installers where you buy the wallpaper border. You'll also find paper hangers advertise in local newspapers. Since installing a wallpaper border on painted walls is a small, easy job that doesn't take much time, you may have difficulty finding someone to do the job and have to do the work yourself.

You can apply a border to any painted wall or on top of wallpaper that has been up for at least two days. Generally, borders look best on neutral backgrounds, but many patterned papers have borders with coordinating colors or patterns. A border at the ceiling level of a small room will make the space look larger. But don't assume a border has to go at the ceiling-to-wall joint, which can sometimes be rough. For a different look, you can also place a border a couple inches below the ceiling. Placed at a chair rail height (24 to 36 inches from the ground) a border tends to make the room look smaller because it divides the walls. A simple way to help decide where you want to position a border is with masking tape. Attach the masking tape lightly at different heights to see different effects the border will have on the room.