Hire a Pro Advice: Install Wallboard

Get help finding an installer or drywall contractor to install wallboard and advice about what to look for inspecting an installation.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

As for a reference for a drywall contractor where you buy the material or look in the Yellow Pages and classified directory under "Drywall Contractors". Another good source is a referral from a friend or neighbor.

When inspecting a job keep this in mind: A good drywall (wallboard) installation has straight walls and ceilings, square inside and outside corners and window and door openings that are trimmed with molding. Inspect the walls from all angles and with different lighting, if possible, to look for imperfections.

Drywall contractors price jobs on a square-foot basis with a premium attached to a small job because it is difficult to schedule and not as profitable, due to all the travel time. These people work so fast that each stage (hanging, first coat, second coat, etc.) is completed in a very short time, leaving the contractor to fill the rest of his workdays.