Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Glass Block Window

Get help finding a carpenter to install a glass block window and advice about the different sizes that are available.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

You can usually find glass block window installers through the retailer where you buy the glass block because they offer Installed Sales, a service where they manage the job and guarantee your satisfaction. If you buy the window from a manufacturer's website there is often an installer locator, a contractor in your area who is a recommended and familiar with installing the unit.

A carpenter has the skills and tools to install a glass block window. Many are on the staff of a general contractor, window installation service and remodeling company or work as an independent contractor. You might find glass block specialists listed in the Yellow Pages as "Glass Block - Structural" and they're often associated with a tile and brick company who employs masons.

You can go online and use a contractor referral service or type "glass block window in (your city)" in a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo!.

Individual glass blocks are three inches wide and eight inches square (3x8x8"). Standard pre-constructed window sizes start with four blocks (16x16"), and can be square or rectangular with as many as six or eight blocks on a side (check with your supplier). Custom sizes also may be ordered. Vinyl frame color choices are usually white and a neutral shade such as tan. The three most popular glass block patterns include: obscure (a slightly wavy or distorted face that allows maximum natural light with good privacy); diamond cut (a geometric pattern that also allows maximum light with maximum privacy); and frosted (maximum privacy, but somewhat less light transmission). All glass blocks are hollow, with the patterns on their interior sides and smooth exterior faces.