Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Security Storm Door

Get help finding a carpenter to install a security door.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

A trim (also called finish) carpenter has the skills and tools to install doors (including a security door), woodwork, molding, paneling, flooring, shelving, built-ins, windows and any other wood trim or ornaments in a house. A trim carpenter usually knows the intricacies of house construction because he/she has come up through the ranks of the trade and evolved and perfected using woodworking tools and techniques.

You'll find that many carpenters who will install a security door are on the staff of a general contractor, window installation service or remodeling company as well as individuals who work as independent contractors.

They advertise in local newspapers, the "Yellow Pages" and often you'll find a business card offering carpentry work in hardware stores, lumberyards and home centers. Just type "contractor referral service" in any search engine and you'll find several choices near where you live.

Some trim carpenters specialize in old and traditional houses and they're adept at recreating intricate wood trim, which is important skill if your house is old and needs some custom work so the door fits.

Another choice is to find out if the retailer where you buy the security door will also install it. Many of the large home centers and lumber yards offer an "Installed Price" for building materials, appliances and fixtures that they sell. The turnkey service is popular for consumers who don't have the time or can't find references. Ask what's implied in the agreement and if the retailer stands behind the installation. The agreement should clarify the responsibilities of the homeowner, contractor and retailer. The service is added revenue for a retailer who can control the delivery and installation of products sold to their consumers.