Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Storm Door

Here's what to consider hiring a carpenter to install a storm door and suggestions about whewre to find one.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

A trim (also called finish) carpenter has the skills and tools to install a storm door. You'll find that many carpenters are on the staff of a general contractor, window installation services and remodeling companies as well as individuals who work as independent contractors. They advertise in local newspapers, the "Yellow Pages" and often you'll find a business card offering carpentry work in hardware stores, lumberyards and home centers. Use a search engine to find a contractor referral service online. You'll see some carpenters specialize in old and traditional houses and they're adept at recreating intricate wood trim.

If you buy a storm door at a door and window company or at a large home center ask for their "installed" price because many of them offer the installation service along with any door they sell. The retailer is responsible for hiring and scheduling the installation of the door, a nice service if you're pressed for time and don't want to find someone to do the job.