Hire a Pro Advice: Install Exterior Lighting

Get help locating a landscape service to install exterior low voltage lighting on your property.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Look for a landscape contractor or company who specializes in lightscaping, a design specialty that's growing in popularity. This type firm is more likely to be familiar with various lighting systems and their components and suggest design possibilities. An electrical contractor what has done outdoor lighting is another good choice. If you know exactly what you want any licensed electrician can install this type low voltage lighting. Use search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo to find a contractor type "low voltage lighting in (your city)" in the search box

Use low voltage lighting in a yard to light objects not just walkways. For example, add a floodlight to illuminate a lovely tree or garden bed, or maybe a colorful trellis. Edging fixtures are ideal to outline gardens or around the perimeter of a patios. Use deck lights designed for railings and stairs for even more special effects.