Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Surge Protector

Learn how to find an electrician to install a surge protector in your home and what should be included in a written contractor between a homeowner and electrical contractor.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

To find an electrician to install a surge protector, ask friends and neighbors for a referral or use the Yellow Pages or an online contractor referral service. Be assured that the electrician who does the installation is licensed and bonded and that his work meets the standards of the local building codes. There are two levels of electricians: master and journeyman. A master electrician knows the National Electrical Code and any state requirements, has passed a test and has at least two years experience. A master electrician is qualified to plan, design, install and maintain electrical systems. A journeyman electrician is licensed by the state to install wiring and equipment. Some states require that a journeyman work with a master electrician. This license may be revoked if the electrician has a history of doing shoddy work. Always hire a licensed electrician because they take pride in their work and value their licenses. And remember, if you are hiring an unlicensed electrician to do a side job or work on the weekends, you don't have much recourse if the work is unsatisfactory.

Here are the basic points that should be included in a written contract with an electrician to install a surge protector:

  • Description of the work to be completed with a detailed description of the surge protector to be used (brand name, style, other specifications
  • Cost of surge protector and all warranties from the manufacturer
  • Cost of labor and amount of deposit, if required
  • Job installation date