Hire a Pro Advice: Install Under Cabinet Lights

Get help locating a handyman to install under cabinet lights in your kitchen or office and you'll appreciate the addition of lighting where you need it.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Installing under cabinet lights in a kitchen or office can be done by just about any tradesman. You'll usually find they advertise in local newspapers and listed as "Handyman Service" in the Yellow Pages. If there's a bulletin board in a hardware store or home center you may find postings of their business cards. A handyman can install under cabinet lights to the bottom of cabinets because the light fixtures are designed for easy installation. There's no hard wiring required so any tradesman who routinely does basic repairs and home improvements will be a good choice.

Another way to find someone - ask for a referral from friends or at the retailer where you buy the light fixtures. Since this is not a time consuming job, wait to hire someone until you have several small jobs which the handyman can complete in one visit.