Hire a Pro Advice: Install a Wireless Video Intercom

Get help finding a technician to install a video intercom system and learn what should be in a contract for its installation.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

To find a technician to install a video intercom system ask friends and neighbors for a referral or go online to find a contractor referral service. Another option is to buy the intercom system at a retailer who specializes in security and communication equipment where an installation service is offered. They are listed under "Security Control Equipment, Systems & Monitoring" in the Yellow Pages. Usually there's a tag on the intercom as the "installed price." Most offer the traditional cash-and-carry price as well as an installed price that covers installation. The retailer arranges for a technician to do the installation and is responsible for both the scheduling of the job, and of course, your satisfaction.

Here are the basic points that should be included in a contract for a video intercom installation:

  • Description of the work to be completed with the name of the video intercom system to be used (brand name, style, or other specifications)
  • Cost of material and all warranties from the manufacturer
  • Cost of labor and amount of deposit, if required
  • Job installation date