Hire a Pro Advice: Install an Iron Railing

Find ways to locate a specialist who installs iron railings.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

You'll find companies who install iron railings listed in the Yellow Pages under "Iron Work". Sometimes fence builders also do iron work and are listed under "Fence" in the Yellow Pages. Use their advertisements to narrow the selection to those who specialize in residential, as opposed to commercial work. Go online and type "iron railing in (your city)" in a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo. One of the best sources of finding a specialist in iron railings is by "cruising" through neighborhoods with the type of house you have and look for the style of railing you want. Drive or bike around and if you see what you like, ask the homeowner for a reference.

When you talk with a specialist in iron railings or a fence builder get their input on the style and height of railing for yourhouse. They'll know the local building code requirements and may suggest a type you haven't considered. Ask for a list of referrals so you can look at railings they've installed. By looking at these earlier installations, you'll see how the railing has weathered and withstood time.