Hire a Pro Advice: Blow-in attic Insulation

Get help finding a contractor or installer to insulate an attic with cellulose insulation.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

If there is no insulation in your attic hire a company who can advise you of the different types of insulation that are available and then give you a complete estimate for the job. Ask for an explanation of how the insulation will stop air leaks and lower your energy bill, how it will be installed and if you're required to remove anything that is in the attic. They are listed in the Yellow Pages as "Insulation Contractors".

You can get estimates for insulation over the telephone by measuring the attic because its installation is figured by the square foot. Most insulation contractors will give you a cost per square foot over the phone but will not give an estimate without seeing your job. There are many variables, such as ease of access, that will affect the time it will take to install the insulation.

Go online and use a search engine by typing "attic insulation installed in (your city)" in the search box of Bing, Yahoo or Google for a regional referral or search for a contractor referral service.

Since working in an attic in the summer months can be very uncomfortable (and hot!) it's best to hire out the job in the Spring or Fall, when the temperature is more comfortable.