Hire a Pro Advice: Replace a Broken Window Pane

Get help finding a local service to repair broken window glass.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

If the broken window has single pane glazing and the sash can be removed you can take it to your local home center or hardware store and have the pane replaced. But if the window can't be removed, it has to be repaired on site. Companies specializing in glass installations are your best bet to have a large picture window or one with energy efficient double-glazing repaired. These companies advertise in the "Yellow Pages" under glass. They also replace auto glass so you may find them listed in several places. Use a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo to find a company in your area.

Replacing a single-thickness glass pane is such a small job, you will probably have to hire a handyman who specializes in doing small jobs around the house or make the repair yourself.