Hire a Pro Advice: Apply a Decorative Window Film

Get help finding someone to apply a decorative window film and get design ideas for where to use it.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

While this is a simple decorating project, you may want to hire a paper hanger to apply the film if you have glass that's difficult to reach and requires scaffolding. To find a professional to hang wallpaper ask a friend or neighbor for a referral or ask about installers at the wallpaper store where you shop. If you're working with an interior designer or general contractor and wallpapering is part of a large scale remodeling and decorating project, the designer or contractor will subcontract the work to a paperhanger and bill you for the labor and the wallcoverings you've chosen. You'll also find paperhangers advertise in local newspapers.

Online you can find a professional to hang wallpaper at one of the contractor referral websites or go to NGPP.org, the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc. Go to the Installers section and follow the prompt for the name of a paperhanger who works in your area.

Use a decorative window film in a variety of rooms. In a bathroom or bedroom where a window offers the only daylight, but privacy is a concern, choose a random pattern design that looks like frosted glass. When a door is a focal point of a room, like a patio door, choose designs sized to fit the glass panels. The decorative film offers privacy while softening harsh sunlight. For a bathroom shower door, use a decorative random pattern that offers privacy, but allows some light to filter through it. On a glass shower enclosure, install the film on the outside of the shower stall. To dress up an old curio cabinet or kitchen cabinets, choose a fanciful random pattern design.