Hire a Pro Advice: Install Polystyrene Molding

Get help finding a carpenter to install polystyrene molding by going online, to a directory or to a home center.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

A trim or finish carpenter has the skills and tools to install woodwork, polystyrene molding, paneling, flooring, shelving, built-ins, windows and any other wood trim or ornaments in a house. A trim carpenter usually knows the intricacies of house construction because he/she has come up through the ranks of the trade and evolved and perfected using woodworking tools and techniques.

You'll find that many carpenters are on the staff of a general contractor or remodeling firm or are individuals who work as an independent contractor. Some of them advertise in local newspapers, the "Yellow Pages" and often you'll find a business card offering carpentry work in hardware stores, lumberyards and home centers. On the Internet type "contractor referral service" in a search engine like Google or Yahoo and you'll find several in your area.

While some carpenters specialize in installing polystyrene molding; others focus on old and traditional houses and they're adept at recreating intricate wood trim.