Hire a Pro Advice: Install Closet Shelf and Rod

Get help finding an installer for a new closet rod and shelving.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

One of the best places to find an installer of a closet rod and shelf is where you buy the shelving components which is usually at a home center or lumber yard. They offer an "Installed Price" for the materials in addition to the cost of the materials. The turnkey service is popular for consumers who don't have the time or can't find references. The service is added revenue for a retailer who can control the delivery and installation of products sold to their consumers.

A closet specialty store is another option and you'll find them in the Yellow Pages listed as "Closets-Designed, Built & Accessories". These specialists offer free in-home estimates and will design a storage system with shelving for your specific closet.

An online referral service for contractors is another option to find someone to design and install closet shelving. Or use a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo and type "install closet shelf in (your city)" in the search box.