Hire a Pro Advice: Install Closet Shelves

Get help finding a closet installer to hang closet shelves and advice about choosing a system that's best for your storage needs.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

One of the best places to find an installer of closet shelves is where you buy the shelving components which is usually at a home center or lumber yard. They offer an "Installed Price" for the materials in addition to the cost of the materials. The turnkey service is popular for consumers who don't have the time or can't find references. The service is added revenue for a retailer who can control the delivery and installation of products sold to their consumers.

A closet specialty store is another option and you'll find them in the Yellow Pages listed as "Closets-Designed, Built & Accessories". These specialists offer free in-home estimates and will design a storage system with shelving for your specific closet. You'll find several closet shelving systems sold online by typing "closet shelving systems" in the search box of a search engine like Bing, Google and Yahoo. An online contractor referral service is another option to find someone to design and install closet shelving.

The goal of any closet storage system is to maximize vertical and horizontal space to create greater storage capacity, better organization and a neater appearance. Vinyl- or epoxy-coated ventilated wire shelving systems offer easy installation, design flexibility and adaptability and improved ventilation, which helps eliminate stale odors and mildew. Thanks to the coating, the systems are maintenance free. Available options and accessories vary from one manufacturer to another and one company's products may not be compatible with those of another. Take time to evaluate the manufacturer's full product line so you can add modular baskets or drawer components and be assured that they will fit the shelving at a later date.