Hire a Pro Advice: Install Vertical Blinds

Get help finding a handyman to install vertical blinds and advice about choosing them.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Often the retailer who sells vertical blinds for windows offers the installation service so consider that when purchasing them. In the Yellow Pages you'll find retailers listed as "Window Treatments". Installing vertical blinds is considered a small job that can be done by just about any tradesman. You'll usually find they advertise in local newspapers and listed as "Handyman Services" in the Yellow Pages. If there's a bulletin board in a hardware store or home center you may find postings of their business cards.

To find companies who sell and install vertical blinds online type "vertical blinds installed in (your city)" in the box of a search engine like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

The nice thing about vertical blinds is that they allow for a wide range of décor. Plastic (PVC) impart a light, contemporary look, while fabric-covered blinds may look a bit more formal. Plastic blinds are easy to clean, but because they are plastic, they may acquire a slight static charge which will cause them to attract dust-or at least dust will be somewhat more visible on their smooth, plastic surface compared to fabric-covered blinds.