Hire a Pro Advice: Plant a Maple Tree

Get help finding a tree service or a landscaper to plant a maple tree and advice about hiring a professional for any lawn and garden work.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

The benefit of hiring a professional landscaper to plant a tree is that most of them will guarantee its longevity. If the tree doesn't thrive, they'll replace it. They also know which species of tree grows best in your area and they have access to a wide variety of species you won't find at most lawn and garden centers. "Tree Service" is the listing in the Yellow Pages where you'll find tree experts who plant, prune, maintain and remove trees. To find a landscaping service online type "Plant a tree in (your city)" in a search engine like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

A contract for planting a tree with a tree service or landscaper should include:

  • a concise explanation of the work to be completed
  • the name, type and size of tree to be planted
  • any warranty for the replacement of the tree if it dies after planting
  • additional fees for equipment rental, hauling service etc.
  • total charge that includes the labor and materials payment schedule
  • beginning and completion date for the work