Hire a Pro Advice: Plant a Christmas Tree

Learn where to find a nursery or garden center to plant a Christmas tree with advice about what should be in a contract between a homeowner and contractor.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Christmas trees are sold at nurseries and garden centers, where there is usually a variety of fir trees suitable for the local weather and soil conditions. You can buy the tree and plant it or have it planted by their tree service. If you don't have a vehicle to transport the tree, make arrangements to have it delivered. Planting a Christmas tree is becoming popular so most nurseries and garden centers will agree to the two steps required: delivering the tree and then returning at a later date to plant it. Before you get an estimate, make sure that's understood.

A contract with a nursery or garden center for a live Christmas tree should include:
  • a concise explanation of the work to be completed
  • the name, size and appearance of tree to be planted
  • any warranty for the replacement of the tree if it dies after planting
  • additional fees for delivery
  • total charge that includes the labor and materials
  • payment schedule
  • delivery date and planting date