Hire a Pro Advice: Lay Sod

Get help finding a sod service or a landscaper to lay sod and advice about hiring a professional for any lawn and garden work.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

To begin a search for a contractor to lay sod use the Internet. Type "sod installer in (your city) in the search box of a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo. In most Yellow Pages you'll find several entries listed as "Sod and Sodding Service" which are sod farms that grow a variety of sod sold wholesale and retail. From them you can find out the best type of sod that grows and thrives in your area and how much they charge to install sod in your yard. The cost of the sod and installation is based on square yardage so measure the lawn area before calling. There will be additional cost depending on the condition of the existing lawn. Before laying sod, the ground must be level and graded with all of the old lawn, rocks and weeds removed.

Another source for finding a professional to lay sod is those listed as "Landscape Contractors" who sometimes offer sodding along with their other services. If you're planning to have someone create a new landscape design for your property and new sod is part of the plan, consider having all the work completed by the same landscape professional.

A lawn and garden center where sod is sold also may offer its installation. They act as a middleman between you and a sod farm and arrange for the delivery and installation.