Hire a Pro Advice: Remove a Tree Stump

Get help finding a tree service or a landscaper to remove a tree stump and advice about what should be in a contract between a homeowner and tree service.

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

To have a tree stump removed look in the "Yellow Pages" under "Tree Service" which is usually a company specializing in trees. Sometimes they also offer landscape and gardening services as well. You'll find them listed online by typing "remove a tree in (your city)" in a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo or at a contractor referral service.

An estimator will come to your property to see the tree stump and determine how they'll get the grinder onto the premises. Make sure special plantings or shrubbery won't be in the path of the grinder so there's no damage done.This can be a messy job so make sure you understand who is responsible for removing the wood chips and what will replace the hole left by the removal of the stump.

A contract with a tree service to remove a tree stump should include: