Cost to Install a Wood Subfloor

Cost to Install a Wood Subfloor

How much does it cost to install a wood subfloor? A carpenter charges $1,164 to install a basement subfloor, but a homeowner can do the job for $650 and save 44 percent. Enter your ZIP Code and adjust the cost for where you live.

National Average Improvement and Repair Cost
Diy Logo Hours Pro 10.1 DIY 13.0
Money Pro $1164 DIY $650
Per Square Foot Cost
Per SF Cost $3.23 Total Cost

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

A sound subfloor is needed when you're laying carpet, vinyl, laminate or engineered hardwood on a cement basement floor so the surface is warm, dry and resilient. DRIcore® is a modular system of 2-foot square engineered wood panels bonded to a rigid moisture-resistant polyethylene sheet with molded-in dimples. These dimples create airspace between the cement and subfloor to prevent the transfer of cold air and help dry up condensation. These panels are installed as a floating subfloor and press-fit together without nails or glue.

Here's a breakdown of the numbers. A carpenter will install a subfloor in an 18-by-20-foot basement room for $1,164, which includes the labor and material. If you have carpentry experience, you can do the job for $650, the cost of the panels and leveling squares designed to slide under the panels to adjust for uneven areas. You'll pocket a 44 percent saving if you do it yourself. You'll need basic tools including a power saw, power drill, carpenter's square, level, hammer, pry bar, measuring tape and scrap wood as a tapping block.

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These materials are heavy so they're not easy to transport and move around. Storing the material before installing it can be an issue because it should be in a dry level area.

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For more information on where to buy the material and how to install it go to

That sums it up. Knowing the average cost to install a wood subfloor lets you compare doing it yourself with what you can expect to pay a contractor. To customize the cost to where you live add your ZIP Code in the cost box.

Improvement and Repair Cost Updated 2020

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