Cost to Install a Surface-mount Vent Fan

Cost to Install a Surface-mount Vent Fan

How much does it cost to install a bath vent? The contractor cost to install a bathroom vent fan is $250 vs. doing it yourself for $115 and saving 54 percent. Enter your ZIP Code and adjust the cost.

National Average Improvement and Repair Cost
Diy Logo Hours Pro 4.0 DIY 6.0
Money Pro $250 DIY $115
Per Unit Cost
Per Unit Cost $250 Total Cost

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Are steamy mirrors or mold and mildew a problem in your bathroom? A vent fan is the solution because it will draw moisture out of the room. We found a new one designed for a do-it-yourselfer to install; so instead of crawling around in an attic, the EZFit vent fan is designed to go directly on ceiling drywall eliminating the need to attach it to a joist or truss in the attic. The unit is installed from inside the room and attaches with tab that clamp the housing onto the surface of the ceiling. The pre-installed blower attachment fastens to the housing by tightening the pre-installed screws.

Including labor and material, an electrician will charge $250 to install a new unit. If you’re comfortable doing electrical projects you can buy the vent fan for $115 and install it saving 54 percent. The job involves clamping the housing of the new fan onto the drywall with a screwdriver and then fastening the blower to the housing by tightening the pre-installed screws. You can re-use the old blower ducting and existing fan wiring.

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