Cost to Wash Windows

Cost to Wash Windows

What much does it cost to have windows washed? The contractor cost for washing windows is $181 vs. doing it yourself for $25 and saving 82 percent. Add your ZIP Code to adjust the cost to where you live.

National Average Improvement and Repair Cost
Diy Logo Hours Pro 2.2 DIY 3.3
Money Pro $181 DIY $25
Per Unit Cost
Per Unit Cost $15.08 Total Cost

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Nothing does more to brighten your home, not to mention your outlook, than clean windows. The restorative power of clear window panes is so strong the squeaky-clean smell might inspire you to go on a binge and clean the whole house. Whether you hire a window washing service or do it yourself, the reward is a fresh new perspective that seems to improve the look and feel of your home.

If you hire a window washing service, the charge to wash 12 double-hung windows from the inside and exterior of a house will be $181. You can do the job for $25, the cost of the materials, and save a whopping 82 percent for your effort. Those materials include cleaning solution and a window squeegee and scrubber. You also need a stepladder, bucket and lint-free clean rags for washing and drying. Washing windows is a good two-person job that goes quickly when one worker cleans the exterior while the other cleans the inside of the window.

Washing windows is a no-brainer if you have a single-story house because you can safely reach the windows to work on them. However, the job gets dicey if you have a two-story house and don't like working on an extension ladder, which you'll need. Unless you already have one, consider washing the first-floor windows and hiring a service to wash the ones upstairs.

Here's a good read from MaidForYou with a 6-step guide to washing windows How to Clean Windows.

You'll get the best results if you wash windows on a cloudy day because sunlight dries the glass quickly, which causes streaking.

The next time you're buying a window cleaner consider using a concentrate and reduce the waste of packaging and shipping of large trigger bottles. Windex© has a concentrated refill pouch to mix with tap water so you can reuse the empty spray bottle.

Not sure you want to do the job? Click Home Advisor, a free referral service that connects homeowners with prescreened local contractors, and type "clean windows" in their Find Pro search box.

The Spruce has this advice about washing windows Best Way to Clean Glass.

That sums it up. Knowing the average cost to wash windows lets you compare doing it yourself with what you can expect to pay a contractor. To customize the cost to where you live add your ZIP Code in the cost box.

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