Cost to Hang a Chandelier – 2021

| Last Updated: August 21, 2021

National Average Improvement and Repair Cost







$ 258

$ 175

Would you do this project? According to our survey, 44% of respondents preferred DIY compared to hiring a pro.

The average price to Hang a Chandelier noted above is cost data to compare a contractor’s estimate with doing it yourself.

How much does it cost to hang a chandelier? The contractor cost to hang a chandelier is $258 vs. doing it yourself for $175 and saving 32 percent. 

Whether it’s a streamline globe or an elegant cut glass fixture, a chandelier is a design element that illuminates and enhances any room. We used to think of a chandelier as the centerpiece in the dining room ceiling, something you hit your head on if the table was moved. But today designers use a chandelier to make a dramatic statement by scaling the fixture to the size of the room.

You can replace a chandelier yourself, if you are confident doing electrical projects and have a few electrical tools, but if there’s any doubt in your mind, hire an electrician to make the swap. Another option is to use the installation service at the retailer where you buy the chandelier.

An electrician will charge $258 to replace an old chandelier with a new 6-light fixture, assuming the old wires are intact. That includes labor and material. You can do the job for $175, the cost of a moderately priced fixture, and save 32 percent.

You’ll need two ladders, one for you and the other for a helper, who should hold the chandelier you’re removing and then secure the new one you’re installing. A chandelier isn’t necessarily heavy, but it’s cumbersome and fragile, and you don’t want to drop either of them.

When doing any electrical work, remember to turn off the power at the circuit panel before you begin.

The bottom line: compare the price of a contractor’s bid to hang a chandelier with what it costs to do it yourself and make your decision.

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