Goofproof Exterior Home Maintenance to Save Money

Get outdoors and save more than 50% by doing these basic chores and repairs to the exterior of your home and property. These are no-brainer jobs anyone can do.

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Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Take a look at these upgrades and improvements that are low cost solutions to reduce your heating bill so it's not a burden.

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Get in the Halloween Spirit with a Crossword Puzzle

Costumes ready and giveaway treats all set? Take some time to work this Halloween Puzzle meant for parents and kids alike.

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Age Proof Your Parents' Home

Make "doing everyday things" comfortable and convenient so your parents can live in an accident-proof home for as long as they choose.

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Supply tube advice

When you purchase copper or plastic supply tubes, always get them longer than what's needed because you can cut copper and plastic tubes to the lengths you need, but you can't lengthen them.

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