Graco vs Titan: Which Paint Sprayer Brand to Invest In?

| Last Updated: November 16, 2021

Graco and Titan are two giant players in the paint sprayer manufacturing industry. Each brand manufactures a wide range of paint sprayers offering both industrial and small DIY sprayer size models.

What makes one better than the other may vary depending on what you’re looking for in a paint sprayer. You may also need a proper aftercare routine to maximize the performance of your preferred paint sprayer.

Read through for an in-depth side-by-side comparison of the two paint sprayer brands and the reasons you’d choose one over the other.

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TL;DR: Graco vs Titan





Sleek and elegant designs

Offers a wider range of paint sprayers

Well-established technology with more than nine decades offering paint sprayer tools and products


Offers pleasant aesthetics

Better option for professional painters

Wide range of paint sprayers to choose from



Built with small to midsize applications in mind

Not the best choice for inexperienced painters


Not an ideal choice for amateurs

Cleaning the spray gun and filters is a little challenging for most of its models

Graco Introduction

Founded in 1926 by the Gray brothers, Graco has been around for more than nine decades now.  From a local family business initially launched to manufacture and market portable air-powered lubricators, the company now has more than 3,500 employees.

Graco has its headquarters in Minneapolis, the United States, 120 South Tenth Street. Gray brothers concentrated on manufacturing industrial lubrication equipment until 1958 when they first launched the first airless spray gun.

The company followed a series of advancements and steady growth in worldwide markets, making it a key leader and a trusted brand in the paint spraying industry. The company changed its name from Gray Company to Graco towards the end of the 1960s, when it went public.

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Today, Graco has subsidiaries in Asia, South America, Europe, and Canada. In the 1980s, Graco produced the broadest range of new products in its entire history. During this period, there were more successful developments, particularly in adhesive and sealant equipment.

The company now offers various state-of-the-art sprayers with programming and proportioning functions, making them highly efficient to operate and monitor usage.

Graco is now among the top manufacturers of high-quality fluid handling products across many markets—boasting quality products with advanced features for both small and industrial applications.

The company continues to explore new technologies and invest in new products to expand the applications of its products and reach more markets.

Titan Introduction

Titan has offered quality products for painters since 1974. The company focuses on producing products that reduce both time and effort in their applications. Since its inception, Titan has undergone constant evolution to give better products to painters.

Titan produced its first sprayer tip with atomizing orifice and variable fan pattern in 1974. The company has created multiple elegant models, and by 1983, it launched its first hydraulic sprayer—allowing electric or gas conversion.

In 1986, the company produced a 440i sprayer—the first highly portable paint sprayer retailing at less than $1,000.

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By 1990, Titan produced its first HVLP gun containing airflow with an overall improved finish. The advancements have been ongoing, and by 2012, Titan released the next generation TR1 and SC-6+ reversible spray tips.

The epitome of these advancements was in 2017 when the company introduced Titan Elite Series Permastroke Technology that doesn’t require you to replace the sprayers cylinder, packings, piston, or clutch.

To date, Titan manufactures and markets a wide range of professional-grade sprayers used in various coating applications.

Titan’s products include air-powered and airless sprayers, sprayers for texture applications, fine-finish sprayers, protective coatings, insulation, corrosion control, and line stripers for asphalt and sports fields.

Company Comparison

Below is a quick overview of some facts about Graco and Titan paint sprayer companies.

Graco vs. Titan

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Where Are Their Products Made?


Rogers, MN and Sioux Falls, SD


Plymouth, Minnesota

Who Manufactures Their Products?


Graco designs and manufactures all its products.


Titan manufactures all its products under the owners—Wagner Holding, Inc.

Who Owns These Companies?


Graco is owned and operated by Newell Brands.


Wagner Holding, Inc is the official owner of Titan tools after its acquisition in 1999.

How Long Have They Been Around?


Founded in 1926, Graco has been around for 95 years now.


Titan was founded in 1974. The company has been around for more than four decades.

What’s Their Warranty Like?


Offers one year warranty on its products from the date of initial purchase. However, the warranty coverage may vary across different ranges of their products.


Offers four years of manufacturer’s defect guarantee on most of its products. Titan has the longest warranty cover, but it can also be as low as two years for some products.

What Graco Does Better Than Titan

Graco has more handheld units with excellent ergonomics, making them suitable for long hours of operation without feeling fatigued. Some of these handheld models feature cordless options and reliable rechargeable batteries from DEWALT.

The company offers other models that support gas power for enhanced performance rates.

Graco produces TrueCoat models such as Graco 360DS that use VacuValve technology to stain in any direction.

The Ultra Max II line-up also features electric-powered machines with plenty of longevity and productivity-enhancing features. For instance, Graco 695 paint sprayer is built with a fatigue-fighting spray head, hard-wearing Advantage Drive gears, and a durable endurance pump.

Most Graco sprayer models fall under the DIY projects category. They come with suggested usage of as low as 50 gallons per year. However, the brand also produces other high-range models like Graco PROX19, suitable for expansive projects and dense fluid pumping.

Professionals and other busy contractors prefer high-end models for expansive and other industrial applications. Otherwise, most of their products are best suited for DIY applications.

What Titan Does Better Than Graco

Most Titan high-end and flagship models have long warranty cover against manufacturer defects of up to four years.

Titan’s engineers focus on a wide range of contractor-grade sprayers with a predominant line-up of airless sprayers.

The company manufactures some top-range sprayer models like Titan Impact 1140 that can spray up to 400 gallons in a week.

Titan also offers powerful models such as Powrtwin that can rapidly switch between electric or gas power without using any tool. This flagship model has a more enhanced spraying muscle power, such as 12,000 Plus DI.

The Powrtwin also features a Honda engine of up to 277cc that can pump a maximum of 3.15 gallons per minute and accommodate up to six guns. 

Apart from the high-end industrial paint sprayers from Titan, the company also manufactures other Elite series airless sprayer models that can operate between 300 to 3,000psi. 

The brand offers two units—electric-powered (3000) and one gas-powered (3,500). These are cart-design sprayers that can easily be operated and serviced on-site.

Another outstanding aspect about Titan paint products manufacturers is their exceptional customer service. The customer care support is complete with detailed how-to-videos on their website, besides the user manuals that come with their products.

You are assured of 24/7 customer support for all your setup and troubleshooting issues.  

Titan sprayers have high-powered machines built with contactors and larger projects in mind. However, their range of products also features other elite models for less demanding residential-style applications and property maintenance.

Graco vs Titan: Similarities

Both brands offer a wide range of airless and HVLP sprayer models to choose from.

Titan and Graco manufacturers have sprayer models for both amateurs and professionals.

Both brands have flagship models with almost the same productivity output. For instance, Titan 396 and Graco 440i have similar motor power of 0.65kw (0.8hp), a fluid flow rate of 2.0, and a maximum tip size of 23.

Graco and Titan are American companies with more than four decades of manufacturing paint sprayers and other paint products and tools.

Although Titan has a longer warranty cover on its products than Graco, both companies offer warranty coverage on manufacturer defects on all their products.

Both brands offer handheld models for DIYers and small-scale painting applications.

The two brands also have a wide range of both air-powered and airless paint sprayers.

Graco vs. Titan Products

Now that you know the background of Graco and Titan, let’s shift our focus and discuss some of the high-end, mid-range, and budget-level products from each company.

Titan vs Graco: High End Model Comparison

Titan and Graco have sprayer models of different categories. If you want to compare the best of the best from these brands, here are their top model offerings.

Graco 395

Graco 395 is an ideal sprayer for small professional applications. The machine has a high motor power at 0.65kw (0.8hp), capable of pumping up to two liters of paint per minute.

The sprayer has an expansive tip size of 23, similar to Titan 440. It’s, therefore, suitable for use in multiple applications.

However, at 19kg of total weight, this model may not be the best if you intend to work on larger projects that require movements.

Graco 395 also offers a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, this flagship model from Graco also costs a lot more than other models, such as Titan 440, within the same range.

Titan 440

The Titan 440 has been offering services to painters for more than 30 years now. It’s truly a tried and tested sprayer one can rely on.

The machine weighs a paltry 15.9 kg, making it highly portable and suited for applications that require constant movements.

The sprayer can pump up to two liters of paint per minute, thanks to its 0.8hp or 0.65kw motor power.

Titan 440 has an operating pressure of up to 3,300psi and a maximum tip size of 23, giving it a wide range of potential applications.

The sprayer can spray a wide range of liquids including latex, enamels, stains, lacquers, stains, among other low and medium viscosity fluids.

Titan 440 also comes with a four-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The sprayer is an ideal choice for both light indoor and other small to midsize applications.

Titan vs Graco: Mid-Range Model Comparison

If you’re looking for a model with some upgrades, both brands offer middle-of-the-road products as well.

Graco GX19

The Graco GX19 is the perfect model for small finishing applications. The sprayer is fast and highly portable. It features a RAC X FF LP Switchtip and a proven piston pump for quick lay down and smooth finishes on any surface.

The sprayer has an easy-to-use handle that makes it extremely easy to move around. The paint container has a lid to prevent unnecessary spillage and splashes while moving the pump.

However, the small 1.5-gallon hopper makes the sprayer only suitable for applications on smaller surfaces.

The gallon hopper attaches to the sprayer more easily without any tools, making cleaning a seamless task.

The small Deadband pressure guarantees the smoothest finish possible. The sprayer has modular pump components for quick and easy maintenance.

The precision Switchtip ensures fast material application, smooth and controlled spray, and quick self-clearing tip clogs.

With a maximum flow rate (GPM) of 0.38, Graco GX19 is an ideal choice for small to medium DIY applications and home maintenance.

Titan ED655

Like Graco GX19, Titan ED655 is an easy-to-use, highly portable paint sprayer. The pump features a 0.35 maximum flow rate, which is slightly lower than 0.38 GPM of the same category from Graco.

The sprayer has a maximum operating pressure of 2800 PSI  and a maximum tip size of 0.017”, making it suitable for small to midsize DIY applications.

Titan ED655’s recommended usage per week is 20-50 gallons.

Graco X19 from Graco and Titan’s ED655 are mid-range models suited for small to midsize DIY projects. The small variance in efficiency makes each a good pick for interior fine paint finishing among other light outdoor applications like siding and fences.

Titan vs Graco: Budget Model Comparison

If you’re just looking for an entry-level model without the bells and whistles, here are budget offerings from each company.

Graco X5

Graco X5 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer features a long 25-foot hose and a flexible suction tube that stains directly from a container of between 1 and 5 gallons.

The sprayer is super easy to clean through the Powerflush adapter that connects to a garden hose. It features adjustable pressure for controlled paint flow and a Pushprime for a quick and reliable start-up.

The soft spray technology offers great control, thus less overspray when working on a wide range of coatings.

Graco X5 also includes a hardened stainless steel piston pump for high-pressure power capable of spraying unthinned paints.

The sprayer is super light and very easy to set up. It is an ideal choice for a handyman and avid home maintenance DIYers.

Favorite applications using Graco X5 include staining interior projects such as cabinets, ceiling, doors, and trim, among other outdoor applications like fences, decks, and siding.

However, some clients that used Graco X5 report high vibration when set to higher pressure.

Titan Controlmax 1700

Titan Controlmax 1700 has a powerful 0.60 hp that can easily spray unthinned paint without endangering the pump’s life.

With up to 1,500psi, Titan Controlmax 1700 will spray the most viscous paints with less struggle at 0.33 gallons per minute.

Thanks to its HEA systems tip technology, the pump delivers smooth paint with reduced overspray of up to 55%. Titan Controlmax 1700 is therefore ideal for smooth and fine finishes in both outdoor and indoor applications.

Like other Titan products, the pump enjoys an extended warranty cover against manufacturer defects of up to two years.

The pump also features a 30″ hose pump, slightly longer than Graco X5 at 25 feet.

With up to 300 gallons of recommended spraying ability per year, Titan Controlmax 1700 is an ideal choice for medium to large applications. The sprayer has a maximum tip size of 0.017″, making it suitable for multiple applications.


Graco and Titan are both significant players in paint sprayer manufacturing. Each comes with a range of pros and cons, making it challenging to pick one as the better over the other.

For instance, up-to-date in-hand technology, a wide range of airless and HVLP contractor-niche sprayers are a few essential takeaways to note about Titan sprayers.

On the other hand, Graco also boasts decades of fluid handling experience, a catalog of professional-grade sprayers, and outstanding customer service. The brand manufactures some of the best DIY sprayers for avid home improvers.

Both brands are durable and offer outstanding performance under different applications. Therefore, the best brand narrows down to personal needs.

People Also Ask

Titan and Graco are significant players in the world of paint sprayers. Both offer excellent product performance and durability, making them overly confusing for both amateurs and some ardent painters.

Below are common questions from painters about the two big brands.

Are Graco and Titan Parts Interchangeable?

While it’s true that paint sprayers come with different features across companies, some pump parts are perfectly compatible and can be used interchangeably.

For instance, you can use a Titan hose in a Graco sprayer as long as the connectors have the same thread size as the one you’re replacing.

Another compatible feature is the spray tip. Titan and Graco share the same tip seats. Although some Graco tips have rubber washers instead of plastic, metal seats can be used interchangeably in either guard.

How Long Do Graco Paint Sprayers Last?

Paint sprayers’ lifespans depend on multiple factors. These may include the type of sprayer tip and the pressure used when spraying.

For instance, a RAC IV will spray approximately 40 gallons of paint before replacement.  That can be lower or higher depending on the pressure applied during staining.

Always check manufacturer recommendations on the manual when buying a sprayer.

How Long Do Titan Paint Sprayers Last?

Titan paint sprayers’ lifespan depends on usability, among other features such as tip design and pressure applied during staining. Just like Graco sprayers, different models have varying manufacturer recommendations. 

Confirm in the user manual how long specific components of the sprayer should serve you before replacement. 

Is Titan the Same as Wagner?

Wagner Spraytech and Titan are now subsidiaries under Wagner Group after Wagner acquired Titan in 1999.

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